Converging international cutting-edge medical technology, all for the sake of health.

Yake Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou National Hi-tech Industry Developing Zone which belongs to Hainan Asian Pharmaceutical Group and covers an area of about 73,337 square meters. Its registered capital is 100 million Yuan. The company is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise which integrates scientific research, production and sales.

With workshops of GMP certificated solid medicine and health care products , modernized biological medicine research and development center, various new drug research and development technology platforms, powerful elite team, a number of technical research and production patents, Yake Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd. always adheres to a new innovation and research road.

Product is the core of enterprise development;quality and safety is the core of pr oduct;Yake Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. always puts safety and effectiveness at the first place, strictly complies with product quality tandards, guarantees the quality of every process from "Raw material - Processing - Audit - Packaging".


Gathering the most advanced medical technology in the world. All is for the sake of health.

At the beginning of 2000, I wrote the preface in the first summary for our company, which was used as a speech on the reprint. Ten years has passed, it is too old to be used in the company's official website. As times changing so fast, the changes faced by pharmaceutical industry may be "subversive", at least completely transformed on the connotation and appearance . “People oriented, human health and happiness comes first”,thus protecting the earth's climate, keeping environmental and ecological balance, developing Life Sciences (including gene detection, repair, etc.) and keeping human healthy and longevity, beautiful and harmonious is the first important thing of human beings regardless of race and faith. . Our pharmaceutical industry kept treating diseases as the goal in the past, but now it transfers to human healthy including prenatal and postnatal care, disease prevention, health and longevity, ecological harmony. This goal is complies with our 4S enterprise purpose "Supply superfine-medicine, Serve the society", and the 3S enterprise spirit"Sincere, Industrious, Study" ; but we shoud have cleare direction and broader vision. Compared with the current situation, we need to get rid of the old, innovates conceptions and catches up with the times in new starting point.

subfamily center

Gathering the international most advanced medical technology. All is for the sake of health.

The Asia Sci-tech Center is the world's highest level of green building invested by Zhejiang Yake Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. which was approved by the Hangzhou National High tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee. On June 2015,Mr Dai Shangxian,the Swiss ambassador to China; Mr Stu Huff, the representative of Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China;Marco Rhyner,the representative of the Swiss Environmental Science and Technology Promotion Agency;Mr Bruno Keller,the Chief professor of Architectural Physics of Zurich Swiss Federal University of Technology and the Academy of Engineering Sciences;Mr Ye Yao, the chief engineer of China Architectural Design Institute; Mr Duan supeng, the Association of Green Building and Building Energy Conservation Industry in Zhejiang Province and many other VIPs from Swiss and China Jointly attended the China - Switzerland successful landing report conference of green building technology cooperation in the Hangzhou Asia Sci-tech Center.


Gathering the international most advanced medical technology. All is for the sake of health.


Gathering the international most advanced medical technology.All is for the sake of health.


Gathering the international most advanced medical technology. All is for the sake of health.


The chairman founded Dier pharmaceutical factory


Flagship product “kuaike” compound ammonia and phenol hydrochloride capsules put on the market


Mergered and set up Zhejiang Yafeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Jinhua


Set up international joint venture company Zhejiang Yake Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. in Hangzhou


Founded Hainan Kuaike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Joint venture company Hangzhou Biological Medicine Science and Technology Pioneering Park Co., Ltd. was founded


Founded Zhejiang Modern Medicinal Plant Co., Ltd.


Founded Hangzhou innovation Chinese Medicine Standardization Research Institute


Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Park started building


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